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   The Prescott Pines Inn shares a rich history that goes back to 1863, a year before Prescott became the first territorial capital of Arizona, when Judge Hesekiah Brooks moved to Prescott from California. His log cabin home on Granite Creek was known as the Brookside Ranch and included the acreage where the Inn sits.


   In 1909, two years after Judge Brooks’ death, the ranch was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Neuman (for $3,150). The ranch land was cleared, planted in fruit trees, and renamed the Brookside Orchard. One of the original apple trees still bears fruit and shades the Inn’s patio garden area.

   Twenty-three acres of the orchard were sold to Merle Allen of the Allen Trading Company in 1927 and became known as the Haymore Dairy when purchased by Arthur S. Haymore in 1934. The Haymore Dairy provided milk to the townspeople of Prescott for over a decade.


   The Inn’s main house was built by Arthur & Abby Haymore as their home, where they raised 14 children. Inn guests are welcomed through the home’s original double front doors, indicative of Mormon architecture. In 1948, the Haymore’s sold the dairy. Photographs taken of the Haymore family and the dairy (circa 1948) are on display in the living and dining room.

   The property first became a lodging place in 1952, welcoming travelers coming up Route 89, then the main road from Phoenix. In 1979, the Inn was a set in the movie Wanda Nevada, with Peter Fonda, Henry Fonda, and Brooke Shields.

History of The Inn

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